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Art Trophies RL329B - 185mm
As low as $13.20 ..
Ex Tax: AUD$16.00
Art Trophies RL329A - 160mm
As low as $11.22 ..
Ex Tax: AUD$14.00
Art Trophies RL329 - 140mm
As low as $9.24 ..
Ex Tax: AUD$11.00
Art Trophies RL529B - 110mm
As low as $8.58 ..
Ex Tax: AUD$10.50
Art Trophies RL529A - 95mm
As low as $8.82 ..
Ex Tax: AUD$9.00
Art Trophies X7349 - 150mm Also 175mm 210mm & 245mm
As low as $8.80 ..
Ex Tax: AUD$12.00
Art Medals ML70G-LY106 - 63mm x 75mm
Available As low as $5.50 ..
Ex Tax: AUD$9.00
Art Medals - 1073-46G  - 50mm
Available As low as $5.50 ..
Ex Tax: AUD$10.00
Art Medals - M102GArt  - 70mm
Available As low as $7.70 ..
Ex Tax: AUD$8.60

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Note all Medal Prices include Neck Ribbon & Free engraving

Cheapest Art Trophies, Awards & Medals available with for Technical Colleges, Schools, Art Classes, Universities & more. These Trophies and Medals can be customised to your school or college logo, and made specific to the award. Our cheap fixed price deliveries of $19.95 Australia wide makes your selection easier.

Estimated shipping times from order to delivery as shown below. Note that orders can be done quicker by contacting us if Urgent, at NO EXTRA CHARGE for you.

We have many more Trophies than we can show on our Web site, as well as we can customise awards for specific sports & occasions. Make sure you are on our Mailing List. For New Catalogues & Pricing go to top of page & fill out Postal & Email Details for New Catalogues, Prices & SPECIALS

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